Xpat - Payables and Transactions

Xpat is a browser based Enterprise J2EE application that allows large and small businesses the ability to process their hardcopy supplier invoices electronically. The system requires business rules for integrating, requesting, receipting, validating, exception processing and approving. This application integrates into any ERP solution with standard features that can be enabled or disabled:

  • PO – Purchase Order Requisition that allows user to raise a PO online, assign GL codes and associated amounts across different cost centres for products and services.
  •  Lookup tables filter preferred suppliers if required.
  • Requestor information is captured and validated within the system and a secured link is emailed to the approver who can deny, put on hold or request additional information.
  • Approved POs can be printed or emailed to the supplier.
  • Items that have been received, log onto the system and confirm delivery which updates the system as being PO Receipted.

Xpat Workflow

In the event that a PO requisition system is not required, business rules can allow invoices to be validated, coded and approved for payment. Systematically or queued for manual processing.

  •  Exceptions can be update, sent back to the supplier or escalated.
  • GL codes can be systematically assigned or “auto-coded” against the invoices with integration of PO requisition data.
  • GL codes can also be manually and assigned and values split across multiple codes.
  • Approvals can be either systematic, depending on business rules or escalated via a secure email link to the manager who can request additional information, deny, put on hold, escalate further or approve.

Exported data is then formatted for integration with the financial package.