Xpod is a dynamic logistics application that is driven by our customer and their customer who require information to raise invoices for payment and reduce the debtor’s days.

Consignment, delivery notes, manifests and pallet dockets are scanned or faxed from remote locations and centrally processed. The images and data are validated within the application and depending on the business rules and export the information to other solutions. Exceptions are queued and depending on allocated timeframe, nominated users are emailed a secure link to the Exception, highlighting the issue. Users can update the information which is again validated for export

Xpod Workflow

Remote capture of consignments from scanners and fax machines

Centralised processing of information with specified rules

  1. Exception checking and business rule validation
  2. Systematic email notification to senders and nominated users of exceptions to be amended
  3. Systematic escalation of outstanding issues to managers and further up the organisation

All information is exported to OnLine which is a system that requires business rules to escalate processed information onto the departments or specified customers. Processed images and data can be made available to remote users and other solutions.

  1. Secure remote access for users to retrieve images from desktop PC
  2. Automated emailing of images to specified customers as they are processed
  3. Integrated with other host systems, including track and trace, websites, other s, etc
  4. User access reports and “document not available” escalation

Extensive reporting allows our customer the ability to measure the performance of the system and monitor their customer access to proactively identify issues and opportunities.