RTP – Real Time Processor

The Real Time Processor is a unique system that can process images and data from anywhere around the globe within minutes. The RTP caters for the difficult and hard to read images from fax machines and scanned documents with a low resolution. Depending on the business rules, the RTP will extract information from un-structured documents where information is hand written in different locations on the page.

The RTP is hosted within a Tier 1 data centre with redundant backup systems, operating 24 7 for customers who require time critical processing of information from remote locations.  The system is multi-lingual, catering for all languages across the globe and can be integrated with other applications and solutions to address the customer’s objectives.

Xchecka Workflow

  • Remote capture of images from scanners and fax machines
  • Centralised processing of critical information
  • Images and data processed within a real time environment
  • Operating 24 7 with online user support
  • Multi-lingual, catering for all languages
  • Integrated with in-house and other solutions
  • Browser based Enterprise J2EE application

The RTP is leading edge and is a world first in processing images and data, using black box technologies (multiple engines) to ensure speed, cost effectiveness and accuracy levels are maintained at all times.