Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable – Proof of Delivery documents are scanned or faxed from remote locations for centralised processing in a real time environment. Data extracted from the images are validated against specific business rules and other system data exception checking and further processing.

  1. Remote image capture of information from document scanners and fax machines
  2. Centralised processing of images with specified business rules
  3. Validation of consignment data
  4. Exception checking and processing for export or integration
  5. Systematic escalation of outstanding exceptions
  6. Images and data made available for up to 72 hours after being exported to other applications

Xpod Workflow


Xpod is a dynamic workflow solution that is securely administered by the customer from remote locations to ensure data integrity is maintained at all times.

Electronic invoicing will group the associated documentation required for the customer

Image Library Hosting – Electronic Document Management integrates itself with all of our applications and our customers’ solutions.  The system hosts images and data that are available to users who log on and retrieve this information from a desktop PC. Features include:

  1. Secure remote access for users to retrieve images from desktop PC
  2. Automated emailing of images to specified customers as they are processed
  3. Integrated with other host systems, including track and trace, websites, other s, etc
  4. User access reports and “document not available” escalation

OnLine can be configured to archive historical images & data or push this information onto other applications for Offline storage.